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Dates 2019


Date and time

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Horse Market Torhout

Saturday 29/06
10.00 am

Manege Meeuwen (Oudsbergen)

Sunday 07/07
10.00 am

RC de Barrage Oudegem

Sunday 18/08
09.00 am


Agricultural fair Grimbergen

Saturday 31/08
9.30 am


Agricultural fair  Battice-Herve

Sunday 01/09
10.30 am


Agricultural fair  Heist-Op-Den-Berg

Saturday 14/09
10.00 am




A PREMIUM of 10 € will be given to all foals that are enrolled in time for the show.


• Fillies born in 2019
• Colts born in 2019
• Mares of 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 year old and older
• Geldings of 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 year old and older
• Model mares and geldings
• Star mares and geldings
• Elite mares


Subsribe by sending the REGISTRATION FORM, to the Secretariat (by post or e-mail):

Francine Van Buggenhout
Sint Rumoldusstraat 47
1851 Humbeek

Studbook bank account:
KBC 733-0576167-17

IBAN BE61 7330 5761 6717
(communication: membership + location of the test)

Registration fee: € 4,00 per participating fjord (also for the foals).

Late registrations: Registrations received after the specified date are not listed in the catalog and it must be paid on the spot: € 15.00 registration / fjord.


Who can participate in a breeding show?

  • The owner of the Fjord horse is a paying member of the Belgian Fjord Horse Studbook.
  • The Fjord horse is registered in the Main Studbook of a licensed Fjord Studbook (for Belgium: main studbook class A). If registered in a foreign studbook, a copy of the pedigree is to be added upon registration.
  • The breeding shows are open for fillies and foals born in the year of the show, mares and geldings.
  • A stallion that was presented at the stallion show can not participate in the same year as a gelding to a summer breeding show.

How are the fjords horses presented?

The participant is  present a ½ hour before the start of the show at the secretariat. He receives a catalog and order numbers for his fjords. A deposit is required for serial numbers which is refundable upon the filing of the numbers after the show. Participating Fjords are neatly groomed, manes cut short in an arc, the hooves cared for and they are in a healthy, good condition. In care of the hooves is translucent hoefvet allowed. The person who presents the Fjord horse,  comes in white cloting. He may be assisted by a companion who is also dressed in white. The participant must follow the guidelines of the ring masters.

According catalog order all Fjords of the same category come together in the ring and walk around. At the sign of the ring master, they go to the guard ring and are individually represented in catalog order: standing before the jury, walking and trotting ( a foal may be released at the trot ). If all the fjords of the category are tested individually, they are summoned by the ring master in a " provisional " classification. While the judges deliberate and make the final classification, the Fjords keep walking. then the  Fjords are placed at the center of the ring to receive their results.

How are the fjord horses judged?

The jury completes an assessment form in accordance with the five-point system: Model / Build and muscularity / Legs and qualities / Movements and accuracy / Whole impression. For these five items, each time points are given on 10. These forms with results are available with the Secretariat for inspection by the participants. Whoever wishes may, after the inspection request explanation to the jury team. Individuals who refuse to submit to the decisions of the jury, or speak to them using offensive or indecent words, can be excluded by the jury (Rules 20.06.1995).

How are premiums calculated?

Less than 30 p / 50
= C premium (for foals up to 2 years old)
= 3rd premium (3 years)
= 3rd class (for model fjords)

From 30 points to 50
= B premium (for foals up to 2 years old)
= 2nd premium (3 years)

From 35 points to 50
= A premium (for foals up to 2 years old)
= 1st premium (3 years)

From 35 till 38 to 50
= 2nd class (for model fjords)

From 38 points to 50
= 1st class (for model fjords)


Examples: umbilical hernia, overbit, white horseshoe, limping, etc. This automatically gives a C or 3rd premium, or you may leave the ring and are not primed.

Validity of premiums

The premiums granted (A-B-C premium) to the Fjord Colts up to 2 years are PROVISIONAL. Premiums earned for fjords from 3 years and older are valid for one year and are eligible for the calculation of the predicates combined with a performance test.


With the proclamation of each series, there will be given a brief commentary on each Fjord.

The jury

The judges all have followed a course that was designed under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and passed the tests that were taken at the end of the course. They then have a minimum two-year internship, where they followed the Fjord studbook inspections and worked with experienced judges. These recognized jurors reported on the work of their trainees and with a positive opinion of the trainees were finally appointed official judges at the Fjord Studbook for the mare inspections.

Function and behavior of the jury (regulations 1995)

You can not appeal against the decisions of the jury. The decisions taken on the basis of false or inaccurate documents, are annulled by the jury. Under forgery there are also the fjords where the white markigns are removed or camouflaged. These animals can be excluded. Once in the ring, the jury must remain independent of the environment, no opportunity to influence.

The Ring Masters (regulations 1995)

The ring masters are designated at national level and is given preferably to people from another region. The tasks of the ring masters are limited to "inside" the ring. The ring masters are tasked with calling the horses by categorie and in the order they will be presented. After inspection, the jury will ask the ringmaster to set up the horses according to the results. In order of removal, the ring masters should behave according to the requirements and results of the jury and will not comment on the jury as to the quality of the horses, also no comments about the owner. The ring master reports the result to the secretariat.

The usefulness of the breeding shows

The results obtained are listed in the horses passport and add value to your breeding. Interested fans follow as many inspections as possible, as contacts are made easier and Fjords can end up with a correct new owner that way. Linked to the performance tests, the results plays an important part in achieving predicates.

The champions of the breeding shows

  • Foal champion: the best foal or filly of the day.
  • Youth champion: the best Fjord horse (mare or gelding) of the one and two years old categorie
  • Mare champion: the best mare of 3 years and older
  • Gelding champion: the best gelding of 3 years and older
  • Regional champion: the best Fjord of the organizing region of the categories from 3 years and older and is indicated if the "Mare Champion" comes from another region.

How are the champions chosen?

At the end of the inspection, the series winners of the relevant categories are called for the championship. They are again individually assessed by the jury.


Championship titles are "day performances", associated with a particular inspection. Optimal care and condition of your horse can help to receive the title. They remain valid for one year.

Price for the proper care of your Fjord: "Best Groomed"

Also at the end of the inspection, any owner who wishes to participate can enter the ring in the contest for the best-groomed Fjord. The candidates walk around the ring and the jury will make a classification. For this, take into account the general care and specific care of hooves, tail and mane.

Price for the best going Fjord: “Best Ridden”

This contest is optionally arranged by the region during the lunch break. The assessment is done by a judge of the performance  tests that is not active at the breeding show. By discipline (under saddle / driven ) the participants meet in the ring and follow the instructions of the jury. It is not a performance test! Requested instructions are walk and trot on a straight line and in circles on the right and on the left hand. Duration of the race is about 10 to 15 minutes.



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