National Fjord Horse Activities

Each year, the Belgian Fjord Horse Studbook organizes a national meeting for all lovers of the fjord horse. During this two-day event, different competitions are organized including a ranking test, practical tests, ... which are open to all registered Fjords We expect many of you to this meetings for passionate fjord lovers, breeders and users, both young and old!




Our annual national weekend will take place on September 17th and 18th, 2016 in the Bloso Kattevenia center in Genk, one of the entrees to the National Park Hoge Kempen.

You can participate in various competitions, open to all Fjords registered in a Stud-Book: breeding shows, cones driving, tree trails, for drivers and riders. You can also combine the breeding show with various use tests. Among these participants, the best multipurpose Fjord is designated. Moreover, you can participate in a wonderful walk for riders and drivers.

You will be welcomed in the city center on Friday, September 16th from 16 hours. Trucks and mobile homes have a place at the car park of Genk close to the domain. Meals are provided by the cafeteria of the center. Horses can stay in the pasture with hay or you can rent a stable for the weekend. (Caution: horses that are staying in a stable, must be vaccinated against rhino!)

Our National weekend is the culmination of a year round working with our Fjords, for both breeders and passionate Fjord lovers, riders and drivers. Welcome!


SATURDAY September 17

08h00: Breakfast
09h00: horses in the show ring (chip control and passport control)
09h30: Ranking show
12h30: lunch (until 13h30)
14h00: walk in the National Park Hoge Kempen
18h00: Supper
20h00: Vocational Education (Hall Pavilion behind the stables)

SUNDAY September 18

08h00: Breakfast
09h30: Demonstrations (outdoor track)
Followed Tree Trails (forest left of the off-piste)
Followed Games with the horse (outdoor track)
Skills, horse soccer, ...
12h30: lunch (until 13h30)



Subscribe by sending the REGISTRATION FORM, (by mail or e-mail) before august 20, 2016 to our secretary:

Francine Van Buggenhout
Venusbergstraat 57
2230 Herselt

Studbook bank account:
KBC 733-0576167-17

IBAN BE61 7330 5761 6717


Send the REGISTRATION FORM (by mail or e-mail) to our secretary before august 20, 2016.


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