performance tests




Dates 2016




Saturday 10/09 (practice) - Sunday 11/09


Sunday 16/10


Sunday 23/10


Saturday 05/11

Soy (Erezée)

Sunday 13/11


For more details, please contact your regional office.

You can subscribe by sending the REGISTRATION FORM to the National Secretariat and deposit the registration fee (€ 10 per test) into the studbook account, at least 3 weeks prior to date of the tests:

Francine Van Buggenhout
Venusbergstraat 57
2230 Herselt

Studbook bank account:
KBC 733-0576167-17

IBAN BE61 7330 5761 6717
(communication: membership N° + "performance tests")

Note: the same fjord (minimum 3 years) may take each test once a year.


Who can participate?

  • The owner of the Fjord is a member of the Studbook.
  • The test may be driven, or taken by another person.
  • The participating Fjord is at least 3 years old and is enrolled in the Fjord Studbook. The origin is not necessary.
  • A similar Fjord can take three different tests per year, but only once the same test.


The tests are judged on 10 items, each on 10 points. The different items you can obtain at your regional office.


The judges are appointed by the Board of the Fjord Studbook. They achieved a recognized certification in the discipline that they can judge.

Calculation of the results of the driving and working test?

  • Minimum 85 points = AA premium
  • Minimum 75 points = A premium
  • Minimum 70 points = B premium
  • Exclusion Errors: 5/10 or less on one of the items does not entitle a premium.

Calculation of the result of the dressage test?

A total of 15 parts, in each case at 10 points.

  • Minimum 127 points = AA premium (there must not be any 6/10 achieved in one of the parts, this means an A premium)
  • Minimum 112 points = A premium
  • Minimum 105 points = B premium
  • Exclusion Errors: 5/10 or less on one of the items does not entitle a premium.
  • Jumping: The jury judges give no points. More than two refusals on left or right hand, gives no premium.
Validity of certificates?

The results remain valid for two years, coupled on the outcome of a breedign show, to obtain a predicate.

Value of the performance tests?

For each successful test, a certificate is issued by the studbook and handed over to the owner of the Fjord. This certificate is proof that your Fjord is trained in a particular discipline and gives a clear picture about his character, his skill and willingness to work. Coupled with the results of the exterior inspection predicates are assigned.



MODEL: This predicate is awarded to a Fjord with predicate 'Provisional Model' which again achieved a 1st premium at a breeding show.

STAR: This predicate is awarded to a Fjord with predicate 'Provisional Star' which again achieves a 1st class results in a premium inspection.

PERFORMANCE: This predicate is awarded to the Fjords who did not participate in a breeding show or did not obtain a 1st premium, but still received an A result in two performance tets (including the dressage test). Model and Star Fjords get this title, of course, if they succeed in two different tests.

PREFERENCE: This predicate is awarded to Fjord Mares with at least 3 offspring with the predicate model or approved stallion.

CROWN MARE: This predicate is awarded to a star mare for which on an inspection show were shown at least two offspring that achieved the predicate star mare or gelding star.

ELITE: This predicate benefits Fjord Mares who achieved all of the above predicates.

The predicate for mares "KEUR" was abolished by the management board meeting 13:06:06 because it had only to do with the "number of products" and not its quality.