breeding goal

Breeding goal

Through pure breeding maintain the character, the accepted variations and the versatility of the Fjord Horse, and produce a healthy, functional horse. To further maintain the original accepted colours of the breed and the primitive markings. Markings and colours untypical of the breed must be avoided and discriminated against.

The general appearance of the Fjord Horse shall be strongly built, hardy, well proportioned, an athletic horse with great presence and charm. The horse shall be co-operative, dependable, willing, and calm in most situations and have natural, well-balanced movements. The Fjord shall be a versatile riding, driving and draft horse. The conformation of the Fjord should assure that he moves equally well in difficult terrain as on the flat.

With these qualities the Fjord Horse should be easy to handle and suitable for family use, and in different activities as in riding schools, competitions and for leisure.

"The Fjord Horse International Handbook"