equine passports

In respect of the European Directives, the Belgian Fjord Horse Stud-Book can register foals and horses in different classes :

  • Class A : is the Official Fjord Horse Main Register applied for the registration of foals from a pure bred sire who is approved with breeding license in a recognized fjord horse breeding association, the dam is pure bred and the foal is registered in the year of birth under the mother. Only these fjord horses are allowed in the official fjord horse breed.

  • Class B : is the second register applied for registration of foals from a pure bred sire and dam but the sire is not approved in a recognized fjord horse breeding association.

  • Class C : is applied for registration of horses without pure bred parents. These horses can be registered without origin and are not accepted in the official fjord horse breed.

Registration at birth of a fjord foal :

A foal can only be enrolled on the basis of an original birth certificate. The breeder is a member of our breeders' association. Initially, you must report to HorseID (Click on "HORSE-ID" next to the logo of the studbook at the top of this page) to enjoy the reduced digital rate. Then the breeder sends the original birth certificate to the Secretariat of the Studbook: Sint Rumoldusstraat 45, 1851 Humbeek.
The B.C.P. (Belgian Confederation of the Horse) then sends an invoice by mail to the keeper of the foal, relative to the costs for keeping the central database. After payment of this invoice, the holder receives the identification file to be completed by an authorized veterinarian. This file includes a certificate and a sketch card and a hair sample for DNA. The completed identification file and the hair sample must then be sent to the National Secretariat of the Studbook. After payment of the registration fee, the Stud-Book will send the passport to the breeder.

Important note: The HorseID declaration requires a UELN number. As this number is not yet known, you can enter the coupon number for the time being. The effective UELN number will be awarded by the national secretariat afterwards.

Registration fee fjord foal: € 20,00
Registration fee fjord foal with foreign parents: € 40,00
Fee D.N.A. research: € 50,00

Registration after import :

The owner of a new imported fjord horse shall be a current member of our breeding association. He has to send the original passport and a form with identification request for the central database to our Stud-Book office. This form can be downloaded on our website.The fjord horse will be entered in our Belgian fjord horse database with his origin UELN (Universal Equine Life Number) and the origin passport will be sent back to the owner. The Stud-Book transfers the data to the central database.

Registration fee after import with valid passport and chip: € 20,00
Registration fee after import without valid passport and/or chip: € 80,00

Registration of new ownership :

The new owner of a fjord horse shall be a current member of our breeding association. He has to send the original passport to our Stud-Book office together with a form regarding the change of ownership, signed by the seller and the buyer. This form can be downloaded on our website. The Stud-Book will act the change of ownership in the fjord horse database and valid it in the origin passport and send it back to the owner.

Duplicate of a conform passport :

A duplicate of the equine passport can be requested at the breeding organisation that delivered the original. A written request will be sent to the Stud-Book office together with a note explaining the circumstances of lost and a certificate (by preference from a veterinary or a board member of our organization) confirming the identity of the horse.

Fee passport duplicate: € 50,00



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